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Judge’s cool bungalow

New Delhi, May 11: The CBI has come across a lift and nearly a dozen air-conditioners in the two-storeyed official bungalow of former judge Shamit Mukherjee, according to a memo drawn up by the investigative agency.

The memo was prepared after the CBI searched the house of the former Delhi High Court judge, who has been arrested on the charge of favouring a South Delhi restaurant owner in a judgment.

A lift in a two-storeyed house is unusual but it could have been installed for his wife who is wheelchair-bound.

The CBI’s two-page “observation memo” lists in detail the articles found in Mukherjee’s bungalow at B-10 Zakir Hussain Marg near India Gate in the capital.

But the CBI did not find too much cash or other valuables. The jewellery was confined to two bracelets, two gold chains, five bangles and a gold watch and the cash to Rs 20,000.

Seven air-conditioners were fixed in various rooms of the bungalow, while four were lying on the terrace. Two air-conditioners were in Mukherjee’s office room and one each in the dining and drawing rooms, two bed rooms and a small room on the first floor.

The CBI had suggested in court that Mukherjee had a soft corner for air-conditioners. In a CBI transcript of a purported phone conversation between Mukherjee and another accused, the former judge was quoted as demanding a “two-ton AC”.

The CBI has raised questions about the source of Mukherjee’s income that allowed him to have a billiards table and pave the floor of the drawing and dining rooms with wood. The floor of his office room was done up with tiles.

“Office room: The flooring is with white tiles. This room has been reported to have been used by Justice Mukherjee as office chamber. The glasses attached in the front side are coated with black film. There are two old air-conditioners and one trunk containing old clothes stored in the backside of the room,” the CBI memo said.

The CBI memo referred to three mobile phones — two in Mukherjee’s name and the other belonging to his son — and as many fixed telephone connections and refrigerators.

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