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‘I am not used to such things’
Jyoti Basu, on facing the camera for a docu-feature on him

Formula to make figures fun
Subtract the scare and add to the thrill. A brand new mathematics mantra is sweeping schools, to make figures fun. ...  | Read.. 
Awareness key to breast cancer check
A lump in the breast is one of the most dreaded health problems a woman can face. Statistics support the scare. According to latest data...  | Read.. 
CMDA staff renting out cooperative apartments
Illegal transfer of land in Salt Lake may furrow the brows of the administration, but another property scam in the township,...  | Read.. 
Decay diagnosis for Medical College
A fair deal from medical practitioners and institutions is what visiting British surgeon Jan Jakubowski prescribed for patien...  | Read.. 
The daring debutant, 90, ready for cameras to roll
After Tabu, it’s back to Jyotibabu. After the Gorumara forests of north Bengal, it’s back to Indira Bhavan, Salt Lake. ...  | Read.. 
Actors Soumitra Chatterjee and Biplab Chatterjee at a tribute to Satyajit Ray, organised by the alumni association of Ballygunge Government High Schoo ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, May 12, 2003
Roads to avoid
On stage
Rebel women of India
“Strength is what the Upanishad speaks to ...  | Read.. 
  You share your birthday with...
Viren J. Shah You have an easy-going nature and can get along with all sorts of people. There is some ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Make way for blaze-busters
  Systems that disperse the smoke
Mill workers stab each other, panic shuts shops
Two jute mill workers, allegedly under the influence of drugs, stabbed eac...  | Read.. 

Forged notes alert in city
Forged Indian currency notes, to the tune of Rs 50 lakh, are in circulation...  | Read.. 

Calls of the wild greet boy from the jungle
Eager shouts of “Mowgli”, “Sher Khan”, “Baloo” and “Kaa” greeted tricky que...  | Read.. 

Kingpin held in passport racket bust
The security control wing of the city police busted an international racket...  | Read.. 

Help a call away in medical distress
Seventy-six-year-old T.S.V. Nath, a diabetic and an asthma patient, tripped...  | Read.. 

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Doordarshan fire doused
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Trinamul protest
Medicine supply
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