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Anand’s sight on 2800

Chennai: There aren’t too many highs left for Viswanathan Anand to conquer, but the drive still persists in the champion. And now it is the 2800 Elo rating that he has set his eyes upon.

“2800 is surely where I want to be. I was really close to it last year, but this time, I should make it,” Anand said Friday.

Anand, who will be in India Saturday, said he had to reinvent his game and personality to firmly entrench himself amongst the top three. Anand, contrary to 2001, when he had a few “bad results”, won almost everything in 2002.

“In 2001, I did have some bad results. It is not that you do not try hard but the results do not come. Somehow the fine balance between natural play, freshness and motivation seemed to go a bit awry,” he said.

But now, Anand feels he has really proved the detractors wrong with his string of successes last year.

“Post Prague, my game seems to have got better and I am enjoying myself. I did not start off as clear favourite in many events. I would lose a game and then fightback and then win the event itself. I think when people say that I lack fighting spirit or aggression, these could be examples that prove otherwise.”

On his successful performances last year, Anand said: “I thought I had to try a bit more. I learnt new openings and how to play different chess and just squeeze whatever the position has in it.

“Somehow it worked. I tried to concentrate 100 per cent but also learned to relax. Both the heart and mind have performed their roles.”

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