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Doctor denied bail in Sen murder

Calcutta, May 7: Arundhuti Khara, one of the invitees at the dinner after which doctor Chandan Sen was found murdered, today sought bail, stating she would “reveal the truth” and help with the CID’s investigation.

But Justices N.R. Chowdhury and S.K. Gupta turned down the plea after public prosecutor Animesh Goswami said Arundhuti had exclaimed “Chandan khatam (dead)” when he was found missing, indicating that she was privy to the murder plot.

The judges and the entire court listen in rapt attention for almost half-an-hour as he read out parts of the CID report. “Milord, what I am saying is no story but I am reading out parts of what the police has gleaned by interrogating those arrested, especially Apurba Sanyal,” Goswami said. Sanyal is the social welfare officer of the Ranaghat hospital in which Sen worked.

Apart from Arundhuti and Sanyal, the others in custody over the “diabolic dinner conspiracy” — as Goswami described it — are Arundhuti’s doctor-husband Subharanjan, Sunil Ganguly, the retired head clerk of the hospital whose retirement was being celebrated at the dinner, and his son Gautam.

Arguing that Arundhuti, also a doctor, should not be granted bail, Goswami narrated her role that fateful night.

“It was around 10 pm on February 26 this year at Sunil Ganguly’s residence that the party began. Arundhuti was regaling the guests with her rendition of well-known love songs in Bengali and Hindi. The lights of the room were dim and all eyes were on Arundhuti, who was singing in a melodious voice. Among those present were the Gangulys, the Kharas, Sanyal, Namita Ghosh, Gautam Biswas and Sen.

Sanyal did not notice when Sen went out of the room as all eyes were on Arundhuti. A little later, Gautam left on his father’s two-wheeler. Sanyal remembers that Gautam shut the door when he went out. He returned shortly and spoke to his father. ‘Chandan is missing,’ Sunil Ganguly then said.”

At this, Arundhuti is said to have exclaimed: “Chandan khatam.”

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