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Mosul takes first step towards democracy
The US said today that Iraq should have an interim national leadership in place within weeks, as Iraq’s third-largest city held the country’s first vote since Saddam Hussein’s ouster. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez refuses to shed uniform
Dismissing the Opposition’s demand that he should quit as chief of army, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf said he would not give up his uniform till institutional harmony ...  | Read.. 
23 killed in Bangladesh storm
A storm packing hail, heavy rain and winds of up to 120 km per hour has devastated a Bangladeshi village, killing at least 23 people with 19 missing, witnesses and state tele ...  | Read.. 
Chirac poll ratings get a ‘Baghdad bounce’
French President Jacques Chirac watched his poll ratings get a “Baghdad bounce” of their own as his nationals backed his anti-war stance on Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
A boy watches a dolphin at a Tokyo aquarium during the Golden Week holidays in Japan. (Reuters)
Stripper surprise
US bends
Friends knot
Rally ruckus
Virus riots rock China
Villagers in China protested violently against quarantining suspected SARS patients near their home..  | Read.. 
Bush stands between Blair and God
Alastair Campbell has banned Tony Blair from talking about God in public, according to two 50t..  | Read.. 
27 killed in US tornado rampage
Tornadoes raked parts of the central US, killing at least 2 ...  | Read..