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Mass graves appear; weapons will: Bush
Iraqis dug corpses from a mass grave today and police reappeared in Baghdad, as Iraq grappled with the brutality of Saddam Hussein’s rule and the lawless aftermath of the US-led invasion that ended it. ...  | Read.. 
Myanmar junta frees 21 political prisoners
Myanmar’s military government said today it had freed 21 political prisoners, including 12 members of Aung San Suu Kyi’s pro-democracy party, in what it called an effort to m ...  | Read.. 
This prince eyes the New World
Britain’s Prince William wants to live in America, preferably in New York after completing his university in Scotland. ...  | Read.. 
Lost in space, down to earth
A US-Russian crew stranded in space by the shuttle tragedy were found alive and well today after losing radio contact on re-entry and landing 500 km off target in the steppes ...  | Read.. 
Shakira performs in Buenos Aires on Saturday as part of a world tour to promote her album Laundry Service. (Reuters)
After a scintillating show, Sahaf goes behind curtain
The moment when Saddam Hussein’s faithful minister of information, Mohammad Said al-Sahaf, finally ..  | Read.. 
Happy ending for Indians in Hong Kong scare
A major health scare ended happily for 10 Indian sailors, who were released from a Hong Kong hospi..  | Read.. 
Film on SARS
Chinese film producers are preparing to shoot a film on the ...  | Read.. 

France to fight religion in schools
French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, faced with a ri ...  | Read.. 

Beijing schools stay shut
China ordered schools in Beijing to stay closed for two mor ...  | Read..