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Artís new abode

Art gallery in an office' Sounds incredible' Not any more, thanks to Caps Micrographics and Open Window ó two very different organisations united by a common goal ó to provide a vibrant platform for artists and art connoisseurs. A relatively new concept aimed at creating a forum for exchange of ideas, the gallery showcases some of the very best in the world of art in a new environment. The present exhibition features the works of renowned artists, some of them contemporary icons already, including stalwarts like Paritosh Sen, Ramananda Bandopadhyay, Jogen Choudhury, Sunil Das, Dipali Bhattacharya, Shuvaprasanna and Sipra Bhattacharya to Bhaskar Mukherjee, Sunil De, Hiran Mitra, Tapas Konar, Pradip Rakshit, Samir Aich, Prabhat Basu, Sudeshna Halder, Satish Chandra and Amitava Dhar. Needless to say, the exhibition is of a very high standard and opens new vistas for art to thrive and prosper in a healthy atmosphere.

When: Till May 23 (except Sunday);

11.30 am - 7.30 pm

Where: Gallery Caps, 16 Jatin Bagchi

Road, Calcutta 700 029

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