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Liz Hurley uncovered, under duvet

London, May 4: Liz Hurley is now so famous for being famous that a whole biography is being published on her.

Called Liz Hurley Uncovered — the title is meant to be an ironic reference to her sartorial style — the book is being brought out by Andre Deutsch, a reputable publisher.

For £13.59, the reader can row back on the main events of her life, such as they are, and her ascent from an unknown Basingstoke girl to Britain’s number one pin-up and the most photographed Englishwoman since Princess Diana. The book has been written by show business journalist Alison Bowyer.

The latest disclosure today that she attempted to join the “Mile High Club” with her current boyfriend, Arun Nayar, on a recent flight from New York’s JFK airport may indirectly help sales of the book. It is said to be “a good read”.

It remains to be seen whether anything new is uncovered in the biography but as a young girl, Hurley apparently was “an incorrigible show-off who made sure the boys noticed her legs and startled everyone with a plummy accent that made her sound like an octogenarian duchess”.

There is even an interview with her first boyfriend, a middle-class punk who went by the name of “Septic”. After winning a million-dollar contract with Estee Lauder to become the poster girl of middle America, Hurley “turned herself from a plumpish English rose into a toned and tanned West Coast icon”.

It is also claimed that she used the humiliation of her then boyfriend, Hugh Grant, who was caught with a Los Angeles prostitute, to play the “wronged woman” and get herself on the Barbara Walters Show. This, it is argued, helped her to retain the Estee Lauder contract at a time when the cosmetics firm was apparently thinking of ditching her.

The book, which may have some currency in India if she goes on to marry Nayar, dissects her “metamorphosis from career girl to doting single mum” after the birth of her son, Damian, following the brief and unhappy fling with the American Steve Bing.

There is a serious side to Hurley, according to the book. As a film producer, she is said to have a grasp of detail in the running of the company, Simian Films, she set up with Grant.

In today’s Mail on Sunday, it is claimed that two weeks ago Hurley and Nayar got a little too close to each other while flying back to London from New York in the first-class cabin of a British Airways jumbo.

Other passengers were said to have been embarrassed by their under-the-duvet activities, which, according to Hurley’s spokeswoman, did not take place.

However, the paper has provided a graphic description (“caressed each other”, “Hurley slid under the duvet”, “the two enjoyed their mid-air intimacy”, “she was all over him like a rash”, “they were two people clearly in love”). It is said that “embarrassed BA hostesses had to cough to stop First Class canoodles at 35,000 ft”.

Nayar’s grandmother in Mumbai, Kailash Nayar, who is described as old school, might not approve — she thinks Hurley is not the right girl for her grandson. But so far, the 37-year-old businessman is proving to be an energetic brand manager for the boys of Bharat Mata (even with one broken leg).

British Airways has decided all publicity is good publicity. “We’re delighted to see that British Airways’ spacious flat beds in First Class are being put to good use,” cooed its spokeswoman. “It is a welcome example of how our unique flat beds offer not only great comfort, but room enough for two.”

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