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Iím just a caretaker: Steve

Bridgetown, May 3 (Reuters): Steve Waugh, who became the first Australian to make 30 Test centuries on Friday, played down the achievements afterwards and instead slammed the West Indies pitches.

ďIím just a caretaker, Iím sure Ricky Ponting will take over one dayĒ the 37-year-old said after breaking Donald Bradmanís record of 29. Iíve played a few more Tests than him (Bradman) so that puts it into perspective.Ē

Waugh was equally low-key about passing Sunil Gavaskarís total of 10,122 runs to became the second highest scorer in Test history.

Asked what it meant, he replied: ďNot much, really. Itís nice but I havenít thought about it at all.Ē

Waugh then turned his attention to the Kensington Oval pitch, where 694 runs have been scored in two daysí cricket in the third Test and only nine wickets taken.

ďThis has not been a typical West Indies tour,Ē he said. ďUsually, when you come to the West Indies, balls are flying around your ears and the crowd are getting excited.

ďThis time, itís low, flat and slow and itís difficult for the crowd to get involved in the game. We heard it was going to be pacy and bouncy but Iíve played 159 Tests and this is the slowest pitch Iíve ever played on.

ďItís disappointing to play on a pitch like this.Ē

Waugh had been hoping that Australia could become the first team to pull off a whitewash in the Caribbean after winning the first two Tests but was less confident after the first two days in Bridgetown.

ďItís so difficult to get batsmen out here but itís amazing what can happen if you put a team under pressure. I wouldnít say Iím confident but Iím hopeful.Ē

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