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Soorya ki pehli kiran se soorya ki antim kiran tak

The play, written by Surendra Verma, is set in the sixth century BC in a kingdom in the northern parts of India. It focuses on the ancient royal tradition, called Niyog, which demands that if a king is impotent, after a stipulated period of time his queen can spend a night with a man of her choice to bear an offspring... the heir to the throne. The play unfolds the night when King Okkak (Rajendra Gupta) allows his Queen Sheelvati (Neena Gupta) to spend a night with Pratosh (Amit Behl), a man of her choice. The king goes through a gamut of emotions from being incomplete to powerless. The queen, on the other hand, is on a voyage of self-discovery. The next morning she undergoes a metamorphosis. The play explores human behaviour when faced with such extreme situations and its psychological and emotional impact on them. It questions the very validity of the extremely harsh method adopted. The question remains: can the intimate process of reproduction of human beings be made so impersonal, detached or devoid of all emotions. And if so, then what kind of havoc it could wreak in their lives. Directed by Rajendra Gupta, this Sahaj (Mumbai) presentation is brought to the city by Spandan and Sanskriti Sagar in association with Arclite.

When: Today & tomorrow at 6.30 pm

Where: G.D.Birla Sabhagar

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