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Democracy vow in cradle of civilisation
Iraq’s post-war administrator Jay Garner pledged today to build democracy in the cradle of civilisation, but splits emerged in the ranks of prominent Iraqis over America’s role in an interim government. ...  | Read.. 
Minister opts out of talks till Tigers come clean
Sri Lanka’s troubled peace process took a step backwards today after a minister refused to take further part in suspended talks because the Tamil Tigers had breached his trus ...  | Read.. 
US admits failure to find Saddam
A top US military commander in Iraq said today his forces were following up leads to the whereabouts of ousted President Saddam Hussein and his sons but had so far failed to ...  | Read.. 
US presence in Gulf to be reduced: Rumsfeld
The US said today it will reduce its military presence in the Gulf because the threat from Iraq has gone, but it has not decided whether to move a combat air command centre f ...  | Read.. 
US reconstruction chief Jay Garner during the meeting with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad. (Reuters)
WHO offers ray of hope
Outbreaks of SARS have peaked in Asia, except for China where it first emerged, the World Health Or..  | Read.. 
Global war rift would be a disaster: Blair
British Prime Minister Tony Blair cautioned today against allowing the global rift over the Iraq wa..  | Read.. 
US invades France, Chirac disappears in Paris spoof
As France wonders how Washington might punish it for opposi ...  | Read.. 

Iraqis heap scorn on ex-dictator
Joyous crowds in Baghdad celebrated Saddam Hussein’s birthd ...  | Read..