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US moves to restore services and faith
US forces said today they had nabbed another wanted Iraqi general, as American administrators tried to curb mounting resentment among ordinary Iraqis by restoring vital services to battered Baghdad. ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad mayor
US forces in Iraq detained self-proclaimed Baghdad mayor Mohammed Mohsen Zubaidi today for exercising authority he did not have, US Central Command said. ...  | Read.. 
Tikrit sings happy birthday, Saddam
On the eve of Saddam Hussein’s 66th birthday, US soldiers armed with spray cans blackened out a freshly painted sign declaring: “Happy Birthday, my leader Saddam Hussein.” ...  | Read.. 
Traces of nerve gas found
Initial tests of 14 barrels of suspicious chemicals found at a site north of Baghdad by American soldiers have revealed traces of nerve agents and blistering agents. ...  | Read.. 
General Hussam Mohammad Amin
Marines oust self-styled Kut governor
Said Abbas sat in the governor’s chair, signed papers as the governor, gave speeches as the gov..  | Read.. 
Rumsfeld tours Gulf to thank allies
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld met leaders of the oil-rich UAE today, launching a tour to tha..  | Read.. 
Taiwan goes into virus quarantine
In the most drastic attempt yet to ward off SARS, Taiwan sa ...  | Read.. 

Nepal talks begin
Nepal’s Maoist rebels began talks with the government today ...  | Read..