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Destination unknown'

We are the world/ We are the children/

We are the ones to make a better day/

Just you and me....

Three young, talented photographers Nitika Agarwal, Anuja Jain and Puja Jain members of Awareness Group, are currently holding an exhibition of photographs to create awareness among fellow citizens about the conditions of deprived street children, highlighting those organisations working tirelessly for the uplift of these kids. The trio are a force to reckon with. They witness and capture candid moments on the plight of street children who have no family, no support system and learn early to survive in a hostile world where nothing comes easy. They have no dreams, nothing to look forward to every day is a battle for survival. Many do not live to see another day. But most of us are selfish and have become insensitive to acknowledge or look into the problem. The three committed photographers are very focussed and have documented the harsh realities that seem to nudge us out of our stupour and force us to react.

When: Till April 30; 2 pm - 8 pm

Where: Calcutta Information Centre

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