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‘We are scared’
Immigration counter official at Calcutta airport

Salvage scurry in SARS shadow
Could Asitabha Purakayastha have passed on the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus to all those who had come within shouting distance of him over the past week, in more than one medical clinic, till he was finally isolated on Saturday even...  | Read.. 
Neighbours fear to tread and breathe
Till Saturday, the children would play in the courtyard. But on Sunday, it was empty. Only two-and-a-half-year-old Avinabha ...  | Read.. 
Serum dearth blocks blood tests
It’s all but war between the state health department and the School of Tropical Medicine (STM) over the management of SARS ca...  | Read.. 
On the waterfront, a profusion of pith
Daker saaj, but not for the devi. A parade, but not for bijoya… A carnival along the Thames, inspired by...  | Read.. 
Light green masks, swift exit routes
Authorities demand victim shift as ailing flee hospital, nurses shun cabin

At 4 pm on Sunday, AMRI Apollo Hospitals’ notice-board showed a list of 104 patients. Moments later, a fresh list was hun ...  | Read.. 
BREATHE EASY: Rs 5.50 was the going price for a vital weapon to ward off the virus at AMRI Apollo Hospitals on Sunday. By 2 pm, around 200 masks had been sold from the pharmacy in the Dhakuria hospital where the city’s first SARS patient was admitted. There were question marks over the effectiveness of the ‘anti-SARS’ surgical masks, but for those spending time in the hospital, something was better than nothing. Picture by Amit Datta
Hello, it's Monday, April 28, 2003
Roads to avoid
Destination unknown'
We are the world/ We are the children/...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Penelope CruzYou are always ready to help friends out of a crisis. Honesty and sincerity m ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Realtor eyes outpost plot
Building delay irks library
The National Library authorities resent the delay in completing Bhasha Bhav...  | Read.. 

Airport staff tighten virus masks and gloves
Indian Airlines’ flight IC 732 from Bangkok has just landed at Calcutta airport. There is a flurry of activity among the paramedics, ...  | Read.. 

Lost and found in 48 hours
SARS-infected Asitabha Purakayastha dropped off the government radar for a ...  | Read.. 

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