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US alert on Iranian influence
Huge crowds of ecstatic Shias surged through the holy city of Karbala today, winding up a pilgrimage that signalled to Washington they will be a powerful force in the new Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq begins pumping oil in south
Iraq’s giant southern oilfields have started pumping well ahead of schedule and could by mid-May crank out 800,000 barrels per day (bpd), a senior US official said today. ...  | Read.. 
Scientists disclose hide-bacteria diktat
Six Iraqi scientists working at different Baghdad research institutions were ordered to destroy some bacteria and equipment and hide more in their homes before visits from U ...  | Read.. 
Cry to name Hamburg Veggieburg
Replacing hamburger with veggieburger is said to be good for the heart but an animal rights group has gone a step further by urging Hamburg authorities to change its name to ...  | Read.. 
A Shia boy takes part in a procession during the last day of the pilgrimage in Karbala on Wednesday. (Reuters)
Beijing, Toronto on blacklist
The World Health Organisation warned against travel to the Chinese capital and Canada’s main city ..  | Read.. 
How a phone call saved Saddam
Saddam Hussein was hiding from relentless American air raids in a villa in Baghdad’s upscale Mansur..  | Read.. 
Virus to affect world trade
World trade, a key motor of global growth, looks set to sta ...  | Read.. 

Shia cleric ready to work with US
An Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia leader said he was ready to wo ...  | Read.. 

Thankful at first, now Baghdad bristles
Proud and independent, Iraqis are finding living under US m ...  | Read..