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Laughter, one says, is the best medicine. It is a natural reaction of the brain that has a purgatory effect on the body and helps one to unwind and relax taut nerves temporarily. However, there is an acute dearth of time for merry-making and laughter. We overlook those apparently insignificant incidents and situations that would have made us laugh and feel good, only if we had the time to notice them. We all seem to have forgotten to laugh heartily. Or rather, laughter has deserted us, leaving us to rot in those fast lanes and lead a monotonous, mechanical existence. However, we do smile and laugh once in a while, not necessarily to express happiness or contentment. Laughter can spring from funny or awkward situation. It can even originate from sorrow, helplessness and pain. Laughter is expressed through wit, satire, humour and fun. Modern Mime Centre presents Ranga-Baunga Sandhya (a humorous evening) featuring two talented performers, Kamal Naskar and Dr Subhra Sanyal. Story, script, composition and direction: Kamal Naskar.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Sisir Mancha

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