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Yashwant on PR drive

New Delhi, April 22: Foreign minister Yashwant Sinha today spoke to his counterparts in France and Iran on phone in a bid to ensure that India is not left out of the re-building process in Iraq.

Sinha told Dominique de Villepin during their 20-minute conversation that India hoped the UN would play a meaningful role in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Villepin, who shared Sinha’s sentiments, agreed that the two countries should work closely together in the war-ravaged country keeping “the best interest of the Iraqi people in mind”.

Iran, Iraq’s neighbour who has kept a hawk’s eye on developments in Baghdad, is keen on quick restoration of stability in the country under a regime representing the different sections of the Iraqi people. Kemal Kharazzi, the foreign minister, shared India’s views that urgent steps must be taken under UN supervision to restore normality in Iraq.

Yesterday, Sinha had called up British foreign secretary Jack Straw and expressed Delhi’s desire to play a significant role by distributing humanitarian aid to help the Iraqi people tide over the crisis.

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