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Women cop cure to teasing

P. Pramanik,
Santoshpur Avenue.

Women being teased is nothing new. Let them check their own behaviour and change the way they dress to avoid being teased. The vile practice cannot be checked totally by deployment of plainclothes policewomen. To protect the women cops, we will have to deploy policemen. That means extra expenditure and engagement of active men in unproductive issues.

Seraj Alam,

Nowadays, eve-teasing has become the most common form of violence in the city. Deployment of policewomen in certain pockets will certainly help curb such indecent behaviour. But merely deploying plainclothes policewomen will not be enough. The root cause has to be dealt with. The teasers should be given rigorous punishment.

Susanta Kumar Bedajna,
KB Sarani.

Yes. It is the only way to curb eve-teasing, as most of the teasers are from well-to-do families. So, they think they can do anything to have fun. But they normally have weak personalities and are scared of the police as legal proceedings will embarrass their families. The police should also disclose the names of their parents if they are influential people. That should teach the offenders a lesson.

Tapan Mukherjee,

Yes, I think deployment of policewomen will help curb eve-teasing on city streets. It will be a very good move by the city police.

Aparajita Dasgupta,

Great idea! Deployment of plainclothes policewomen will definitely help curb eve-teasing on the city streets. The cop net must cover a wide area, including half-lit, narrow lanes and bylanes, and the road Romeos should be given exemplary punishment.

Jayanta Datta,

No, plainclothes policewomen keeping a vigil on the roads won’t be of much help, because this malaise is embedded within society. The death of sergeant Bapi Sen at the hands of his co-workers makes us doubt the competence of policemen in fulfilling their responsibilities.

S. Ram,
School Road.

Yes, the measure will be effective, but only to a certain extent. However, plainclothes policewomen should be accompanied by their male colleagues in civil dress, as it may not be possible for a woman to tackle a gang of ruffians single-handedly. She may be outnumbered and, instead of saving another girl, become a victim herself. In addition to deploying a posse of plainclothes women cops, patrol vans should do the rounds in sensitive areas. The police can adopt methods to prevent such unpleasant situations. Hoardings and kiosks can be installed at vital road crossings, mentioning the punitive action that eve-teasing entails. The police can seek assistance from NGOs and women’s organisations. A concerted effort from all rungs of society will help in fighting this evil more effectively.

Barsha Chabaria,
Rabindra Nagar.

It is unfortunate that even Calcutta, which once used to pride itself as being the safest city among the four metros, has become a haven for hoodlums. These days, women of all ages have to tolerate lewd remarks and obscene gestures. Deploying women cops in civil dress on the roads is a good plan, but this alone will not check the menace. Ruffians should be given exemplary punishment. The police must motivate people to step forward and protest any incident of harassment.

Virendra Shah,
Amratalla Lane.

It is absolutely necessary to deploy plainclothed policewomen to combat the nuisance of eve-teasing, which is rising at an alarming rate in the city. They should be smart, active, polished and fit to do this job, which requires a good presence of mind and physical strength.

Fakhre Alam,
Tiljala Lane.

Definitely. Eve-teasing is on the rise daily, which is a sad comment on society. If plainclothes policewomen are deployed, then eve-teasers can be caught red-handed. Sometimes, eve-teasing reaches the extent of physical assault and harassment, and this should be stopped immediately. Strict police action should be taken against them. Plainclothes policemen should also be deployed where policewomen cannot be placed and the eve-teasers should be punished. Moral values should also be inculcated among youngsters. If eve-teasing is curbed, then women can move freely.

Pratika Gupta,

Eve-teasing is a major evil in our society. Even ladies who wear burkhas are not spared. So, unless the government takes strict action and women come forward with complaints, the situation cannot be properly dealt with.

Deba Prasad Bhattacharyya,

Yes, this will be a good move. It is now a serious social problem and needs to be handled strictly. But it is questionable as to how efficiently and effectively the situation can be tackled by some plainclothes policewomen with their limited infrastructure and lack of co-ordination. It cannot be possible to eradicate this evil practice from our society without active public participation.

Smita Mukherjee,

Yes, it will be a terrific move by the city police. This decision, I think, might stop eve-teasing. This will give us the freedom to move safely on the city streets.

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