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Stay away from oil, US warned
As the US military took custody of Saddam Husseinís finance minister Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi, number 45 on its list of most-wanted Iraqis, eight West Asian states urged Washington to withdraw its troops from Iraq and keep its hands off the countryís oil wealth. ...  | Read.. 
Basraís schools reopen
Teachers and pupils ripped down portraits of Saddam Hussein and swept their classrooms free of debris today as Basraís schools reopened for the first time since the start of ...  | Read.. 
Half of Iraq combat fighter force unearthed
More than 50 fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missiles and guns and huge amounts of ammunition have been found buried and hidden at a base in western Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Bush kin to tell-all in new book
The fiercely private Bush dynasty is facing its first tell-all book, written by the estranged wife of Neil Bush, the Presidentís brother. ...  | Read.. 
fresh start: Pupils at a village primary school near Basra on Saturday. The students were the first Iraqi children to get back to school since the war ...  | Read
Virus kills 12 in a day in HK
Twelve people died in Hong Kong today from the SARS virus, a record for a single day, and Singapore..  | Read.. 
New tapes deepen Saddam mystery
Itís still not known if Saddam Hussein is alive or dead, in exile or in hiding, and the emergence o..  | Read..