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Missing al-Sahaf' Hear out this doll

New York, April 18 (Reuters): People who joined the cult-like following of Iraq’s wartime spokesman Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf can buy a talking doll wand hear things like “our initial assessment is that they will all die” as often as they want.

The Connecticut company built the doll and also sells others that make fun of Iraq war allies US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The company made the “Iraqi Dis-information Minister Action Figure Doll” of the former Iraq information minister who disappeared after the invasion of US troops, whose presence he bizarrely denied.

TV viewers around the world took a liking to his often colourful statements that became the butt of talk show jokes in the US. A website,, drew 4,000 hits a second after its launch a week ago. The doll says, “There are no Americans infidels in Baghdad, never. Our initial assessment is that they will all die. I am not scared and neither should you be. They’re not even within 100 miles of Baghdad.” owner Emil Vicale said he wanted to take advantage of the craze and built the doll of al-Sahaf dressed in trademark army fatigues and black beret to be sold for $35.95.

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