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Big powers resume sparring
Just one week after US forces seized Baghdad, the big powers returned to diplomatic sparring over Iraq’s future today after Washington urged an end to UN economic sanctions on the “liberated” country. ...  | Read.. 
Saddam’s best deserted en masse
Demoralised soldiers from Iraq’s Republican Guard thought Saddam Hussein was “mad” and deserted en masse before the first American tanks rolled into Baghdad, according to a c ...  | Read.. 
Syria not to allow weapons inspections
Syria said today it would not allow arms inspections, but would join forces with the world to rid all of West Asia of weapons of mass destruction in line with its recent prop ...  | Read.. 
China refuses to revise virus toll
China, accused by the World Health Organisation of dramatically under-reporting SARS cases in Beijing, dug in its heels today, refusing to revise its toll and insisting it is ...  | Read.. 
Gen. Tommy Franks pumps his fist at the Baghdad International Airport. (AFP)
Baghdad’s big cats left to die
Even the animals have gone. Baghdad’s frenzied looting spree has left nothing untouched, and the ci..  | Read.. 
Clues emerge to final hours of Saddam rule
Two Arab-language newspapers placed Saddam Hussein and his son Qusay in Baghdad last week on the da..  | Read.. 
Afghan forces clash with Pak militia
Afghanistan’s interior minister said today Afghan border fo ...  | Read.. 

Paul Getty dead
Billionaire US philanthropist John Paul Getty II died at a ...  | Read.. 

Unesco meet on Iraq riches
World antiquities experts met today to consider emergency m ...  | Read.. 

Uday’s hobbies: women, cars and torture
Uday, Saddam Hussein’s elder son, had several hobbies: wome ...  | Read..