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Madhuri barb at Mayavati

New Delhi, April 16: It was a ceremony to showcase the solidarity of the warrior community under siege in Mayavati’s Uttar Pradesh. It was also a colourful show of hatred.

Fear of the anti-terror law and Mayavati looming, thousands of kshatriyas — in printed red turbans and with swords raised in a war cry — today pledged to fight Mayavati’s reign of terror against the Rajputs.

The kshatriya sammelan headed by Amar Singh, under the banner of the Kshatriya Ekta Parishad, also sent out the political message that the Rajputs could switch loyalties from the BJP to the Samajwadi Party. It announced that another caste sena — Pratap Sena — had been set up to protect kshatriyas as the BJP’s Rajnath Singh had failed to check Mayavati’s “oppressive rule”.

“She (Mayavati) is behaving like a madmast (intoxicated) mad elephant (her party symbol is also elephant) and is crushing everyone coming in her path,” Amar told the conference.

Three huge TV screens installed in the Talkatora stadium beamed the controversial tapes showing Mayavati addressing Bahujan Samaj Party legislators. Amar said the tapes were “genuine with bad face and voice”, but Mayavati thought she was both Madhuri Dixit and Hema Malini.

Demanding a probe into whether government funds had been used for Mayavati’s “Rs 2 crore” birthday bash and to instal her statues, Amar said the tapes had been recorded by “BSP insiders” and his party had nothing to do with it.

Amar did not spare the BJP either. He castigated Rajnath — who has so far managed to keep Amar on the periphery of Rajput politics in Uttar Pradesh — for being a silent spectator when Mayavati humiliated Thakur leaders. He also alleged that the BJP, the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime Minister were behind the “rule of oppression” in Uttar Pradesh. “Mayavati is a patwari, while the PM and the DPM are collectors, without whose green signal the former cannot do anything,” he said.

“Vajpayee and Advani are behaving like Dhritarashtra and Bhishma Pitamah while the Draupadi of democracy is being stripped naked in UP,” Amar claimed.

Huge cutouts of Rajput kings and leaders dotted the stadium, with Amar’s rubbing shoulders with those of Prithivraj Chauhan. Before he addressed the gathering, Amar was presented a silver sword and showered with rose petals. Hundreds of kshatriya leaders garlanded him.

Terror detainee and Independent MLA Raja Bhaiyya’s wife Madhumita Singh shared the dais with Amar and scores of other leaders. The swords, about two-feet in length, were distributed among the 3000-odd participants. Some swords and turbans were presented to newspersons also.

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