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BOOK BUFF: The search for the title of choice.

Moral message in class to curb crime

Apropos the report ‘Moral lessons in class syllabi’ (Metro, March 12), it is heartening to know that schools are introducing moral science classes to dissuade students from committing crime for easy money. The recent trend has caused serious concern among parents and teachers. More upsetting is the hobnobbing of students of reputed schools with local goons, who train and involve them in petty thefts. Moral classes may wean them away from such unscrupulous ways, that might ruin their life. But a pertinent question remains to be raised in this context. Heavy syllabi in all streams of education in higher classes in schools produce a lot of stress among the not-so meritorious students, who are cornered by the high expectations of their parents. Fear of bad results cause them to take to a life of crime, not being mature enough to realise the after-effects of such actions.

As it is, the endless run for more money and more comfort has crippled the moral backbone of our society, including that of the parents who spare no time to give company to their children and do not try to understand or counsel them. This lack of parental guidance fails to instil in them any ideals. All these factors are related to the students taking to crime these days.

Sunil Banerjee,

VIP Road.

Booked for future

Apropos the report ‘Books at the click of a mouse’ (Metro, March 15) it is heartening to note that purchasers of books at College Street will now have a computerised facility to search for books. Finding a book of choice, moving from one book stall to another, is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. The introduction of a computerised facility will help not only the readers but also the book-sellers, which may lead to increased patronage of College Street.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

Road ruckus

The report ‘Dusty death for Holi tourist’ (Metro, March 17), was shocking. The tourist, who had travelled all the way from Japan to enjoy Holi at Jorasanko Thakurbari, was knocked down by a speeding lorry. Despite Road Safety Week being observed with much fanfare every year, the city roads are still a nightmare for pedestrians.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.


For the CM’s ears

A few questions to the chief minister apropos the Metro report ‘Fine to rein in road rogues’ (March 18). Prior to imposing fines on road-rule violators, is it not necessary to construct railings and road dividers' Can he restrain unscrupulous policemen who let off jaywalkers and erring drivers for a paltry sum' Can he stop his own party from taking out processions and causing traffic snarls' Is the measure suggested by the chief minister not tantamount to putting the cart before the horse'

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

No answer, this

Nobody knows how much transparency will be introduced in evaluation of answer-scripts through the system suggested by Justice Barin Ghosh (Code for better Board results, Metro, March 21). I feel that unless and until the examiners become more responsible and committed to their task, the model-answer proposal will not click.

Prahlad Agarwala,


Rare spirit

Kudos for highlighting Shombhu Das, who is washing people’s clothes to fund his sons’ higher education (Merit awash in father’s toil, Metro, March 14). We wish the sons all success in reaching their goals.

B.N. Bose,

Dum Dum Park.

While we spend so much thought on established schools, medium of teaching and private tutors, the story proves that merit is the only requirement for education.

Ashutosh Bhattacharjee,

Dum Dum Park.



I was slapped with a number of charges in the article ‘Mother fights so daughters survive’ in Metro on April 9. I would like to point out that I also have several complaints against my wife, Madhu Jhawar, which form the basis of my divorce suit against her. She admitted to having an illicit relationship just after marriage. Besides, she put us in trouble many times by leading an extravagant life and taking huge loans from local people. I have suffered both mentally and financially because of her.

Mahesh Kumar Jhawar,


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