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Race ahead with smart telephony

If Calcutta Telephones wants to survive in the competitive market, it must erase its flaws. For instance, the 197 directory service provided by the Calcutta Telephones is defective. First, it is very difficult to get through the 197 number and, when one is fortunate enough to get through, one seldom gets the information required. On requesting a second time, one gets an extremely rude retort. Often, a recorded message mentions that the service is off for a temporary period. The staff must also be trained to be more customer-friendly. Sumant Poddar, Kyd Street.

Water woes

Residents of Jadavpur and Santoshpur, especially Survey Park and Purba Diganta, are facing a severe water crisis over the past fortnight. For the past month, the Corporation has been supplying water from Garden Reach. The quality is definitely better than what we used to get. Now, water is being supplied only twice a day for 15 minutes. The flow is erratic and just a trickle. Dipankar Mukherji, Santoshpur.
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