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Hunt with DNA

Will America ever know for sure whether Saddam Hussein is dead or alive'

America’s war commander General Tommy Franks said on Sunday that US-led forces had DNA samples of Saddam and would use it to check whether attempts to kill him had succeeded.

Asked if the US-led forces had samples of Saddam’s DNA, Franks said: “Oh, of course... what you should know is that we have the forensic capability to chase these things down and we’ll chase them down, every one of them, all the way.”

“He’s either dead or he’s running a lot,” Franks added. “He’ll simply be alive until I can confirm he’s dead.”

“The appropriate people with the appropriate forensics are doing checks... in each of the places where we think we may have killed regime leadership.”

Brother caught

Saddam’s half-brother Watban Ibrahim Hasan was captured as he tried to cross the border into Syria, AFP reported, quoting Kurdish TV. Watban was interior minister in the Saddam regime.

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