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Statue soldier’s ‘historic’ feat

Baghdad, April 11: The Marine who draped a US flag over the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad said he had been “egged on” by the Iraqi crowd.

Corporal Edward Chin, 23, who was born in Myanmar, told CNN the incident “was a symbol that we were here to free the people. The crowd were happy to see what we were doing.”

“We took it down after a brief moment and put their flag up to symbolise that we’re here to free their country and give it back to the people.” A short time later, the bronze statue was pulled down. The US flag used to cover Saddam’s head was recovered from the Pentagon after the September 11 attack and carried to Baghdad by Marines. In New York, Corporal Chin’s family, who did not know where in Iraq he was, watched the events on television.

His father, Stanley Chin said: “I thought: ‘Oh, my son, you are making history’.” Corporal Chin’s mother, Laikoon, 52, said that when she saw it was her son she was so excited she hugged the television set.

Corporal Chin’s fiancee, Anne Fu, said she knew he meant no disrespect when he put up the US flag.

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