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Big brother blind to Basra model
Forty eight hours after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the tables are being turned on those who ‘liberated’ Iraqis from Baath party tyranny. ...  | Read.. 
Not a picture perfect win
Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones today won a court battle against celebrity magazine Hello!, which printed unflattering — and unauthorised — p ...  | Read.. 
Statue soldier’s ‘historic’ feat
The Marine who draped a US flag over the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad said he had been “egged on” by the Iraqi crowd. ...  | Read.. 
Kurds still at fallen Kirkuk
US soldiers began securing oilfields and the airport in the key northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk today as lawlessness and tensions between ethnic groups appeared to be on the ri ...  | Read.. 
Tank Commander Staff Sgt Terry Brake from Somerset listens patiently as college student Sama Samira, 21, says that US troops have hurt Iraq by invading it and creating chaos in the streets. She said she supported Saddam Hussein and refused to accept that his government had been toppled. (AP/PTI)
Comeback call for UK troops
Shia protest
Contract query
No ogling and no left hand, please
Don’t ogle the women and watch what you do with your feet — US forces in Baghdad have been issued w..  | Read.. 
Bombed Victor in looters’ sights
Saddam Hussein’s once gleaming, multi-million-pound private yacht was a listing, bomb-damaged hulk a..  | Read.. 
Hope hunt ends in despair
Crowds of desperate Iraqis stormed the headquarters of Sadd ...  | Read.. 

US calls Tuesday conclave on interim govt
The US said today it would convene a meeting of Iraqis in t ...  | Read.. 

Franks boost to troops in Afghanistan
The commander of US forces in the Gulf took time out from t ...  | Read.. 

Voice of war turns Web hero
A member of Saddam Hussein’s vanquished regime has sprung u ...  | Read.. 

Global clampdown to block virus
Hong Kong reported two more deaths and 61 fresh cases of SA ...  | Read..