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Spotlight on cardiac surgery procedure

Seeking to bridge the “huge information gap” that often exists between the super-specialist and the practising cardiologist, the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) has taken a novel initiative.

To empower general physicians and non-interventional cardiologists with knowledge and critical inputs they can put to use in their practice, the institute will hold a workshop on interventional cardiology on its campus this Sunday.

The live workshop will demonstrate interventional procedures as they are conducted in the hospital’s cardiac catheterisation laboratories on a big screen, inviting questions from the 250 participating doctors.

“The aim of the workshop is to involve practising non-interventional cardiologists and increase their awareness about latest interventional procedures. Being the vital link between specialised treatment and patients, they are required to explain the procedures and the necessity and consequences of this treatment to the patients,” explained RTIICS vice-chairman Alok Roy.

J. Naik, director, interventional cardiology of the hospital, felt there are many misconceptions that a workshop like this could clear. “Often, misleading information triggers unfounded fear among patients, preventing timely diagnosis that might spell the difference between life and death,” he lamented. “The inputs on procedures we can provide at our end will help the attending doctors reach out to their patients with a greater degree of confidence.”

Naik will lead a team of interventional cardiologists demonstrating cases like coronary intervention, peripheral intervention, renal artery intervention, device closures and electrophysiological procedures.

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