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War Briefs

General’s tips for victory

Baghdad, April 4 (Reuters): Iraqi state television today detailed President Saddam Hussein’s tips to senior officials on how to resist invading forces.

“Victory is certain and it is in our hands, but what is needed is foresight and presence on the battlefield. I remind everybody that today is a day for testing principles,” the channel quoted him as saying at a meeting, the date of which was not given.

“To achieve this goal, we must not let the enemy decide and hit, but we must find ways to exhaust him and tear through his ranks and not give him the chance to catch his breath.”

Iraqi TV first showed pictures of the meeting on Thursday. Saddam reportedly told Iraqi commanders to maintain high spirits, ordering those who could not fight to make way for those who can “because we cannot accept half measures”.

Seoul snub

Seoul (Reuters): North Korea scolded the US on Friday for pressuring the communist state to halt missile exports, saying Washington, which is using its own missiles in Iraq, was in no position to criticise. The US slapped commercial sanctions last week on a Pakistani company, Khan Research Laboratories, it alleged had arranged the transfer of nuclear-capable missiles from North Korea to Pakistan.

The English version of a British Army leaflet, an Arabic version of which is given to motorists on
the main approach road to Basra. (Reuters)
Yellow ribbons

Francisco(Reuters): A mother who tied yellow ribbons round lampposts in a San Francisco suburb has set off a controversy in a region where dissent against the war is especially strong. A woman in Burlingame, a well-to-do town just south of San Francisco, put up yellow ribbons to remember her son and a few other locals now part of the US war against Iraq. Yet the gesture violated local rules.

“She called wanting to have permission to put up yellow ribbons on poles in her neighbourhood,” city manager Jim Nantell said. “I did express to her that it could technically be in violation of our city ordinances. She and the mayor got together and decided why doesn’t she just go ahead and do it, knowing that there may technically be some requirement in the future for us to have them removed.”


Clock work

Baghdad (Reuters): Iraq turned its clocks forward to summertime at midnight on Thursday as invading US troops pushed closer to the capital. Iraq is now four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Taking a break from war reports, Iraqi state television said: “We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have moved into summertime and the clock has moved forward one hour.”

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