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Seven types of seven

The number 7 has many a connotation religious, social and mystical some well-known, some less familiar. The subject matter connected with the number 7 do not always fit into the scheme of classical dance. After a thorough in-depth study, renowned danseuse Padma Shri Chitra Visweswaran has chosen the final matter for the presentation of Sapta Sapti (seven types of seven). The seven saptakshara mantras, invoking the seven deities, have been chosen to present a mystical and sonorous invocation. God is light and white light is a fusion of seven rays (kirans). Surya or Sun God is visualised riding a chariot drawn by seven horses, symbolising the sapta kiran. The day of Surya is Sunday, the seventh day. The seven sooladi talas, harnessed to seven ragas, lead to the creation of Rama Katha (extracts from the seven kandas of Valmiki Ramayanam), which forms central piece of Sapta Sapti. This magnum opus, punctutated with jathis (specially composed and choreographed by Chitra Visweswaran), is each set to music by Lalgudi G. Jayaraman in different sooladi talas and ragas.

When: Tomorrow at 6.30 pm

Where: Gyan Manch

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