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Vacuum haunts Umm Qasr
Just as US and British troops were closing in on this dusty southern Iraqi port of 40,000, Om Omar fled. ...  | Read.. 
Models unite against harassment at work
If you are a fly-by-night fashion event organiser, you may soon have the pleasure of being dragged to court by Yana Gupta. ...  | Read.. 
Massacre blow to middle path
It may still take a few more days for the American troops to reach Baghdad and get rid of Saddam Hussein, but India’s policy on Iraq seems to be coming off the hinges alr ...  | Read.. 
The operator at Iraqi Television calmly picked up the telephone minutes after several US missiles struck the complex in the early minutes today and cut transmission. ...  | Read.. 
A US Marine runs for cover after his convoy came under attack north of An Nasiriyah. (Reuters)
Bouquets & brickbats for media
Blasts in Italy
Freedom toast
Pope plea
Conflict outlives predecessor and looks much older
How similar are the first and second Gulf Wars'..  | Read.. 
Scared & tired after four days
The sky is the orange of a burning flame as the sun fights to pierce the sandstorm whipped up by 40m..  | Read.. 
Turkey rethink
Turkey’s armed forces chief General Hilmi Ozkok today hinte ...  | Read.. 

Killing fields turn shop shelves
Arms buyers are getting a live-action demonstration of some ...  | Read.. 

Bush doles out cash for ‘C-O-W’
It can pay to be a member of President George W. Bush’s coa ...  | Read.. 

Sandstorm is God’s warning to US: Iraqis
The wind’s howl buffeted Imad Mohammed’s window yesterd ...  | Read.. 

China virus toll climbs, Singapore shuts schools
China dramatically raised the death toll from a mystery vir ...  | Read.. 

Grief unites mothers on warring sides
American mother Anecita Hudson first learnt that her son ha ...  | Read..