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Somalia spectre on invaders
Washington’s hopes of a quick-fire occupation of Iraq bled into the desert sand today as Iraqi troops fought back with guerrilla tactics, but the US commander of the invasion said his forces were closing in fast on Baghdad. ...  | Read.. 
Musharraf admits Osama may be in Pak
Osama bin Laden, suspected architect of the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, may have fled to Pakistan to evade the US-led manhunt, the Asian Wall Street J ...  | Read.. 
Pneumonia spreads in HK
Hong Kong’s hospital chief has been hospitalised with symptoms of pneumonia, fuelling fear that a killer respiratory virus could be spreading faster in the territory than fir ...  | Read.. 
Oscar pinpricks to war
Some said it with tears, some said it with flowers, some stars let their peace pins do the talking, and one pulled no punches. ...  | Read.. 
The Pianist star Adrien Brody hugs Halle Berry as he accepts the Oscar for best actor. (AFP)
US plane fires at Syrians
Allied airstrip
Healing touch
Morocco talks
‘Liberators’ can’t link with ‘liberated’
The US Marine stared at the Iraqi goat herder before him, searching for the right words to say to a..  | Read.. 
Pride stays intact despite pounding
The melancholy wail sailed across the city and pierced the walls of the middle-class Baghdad ho..  | Read.. 
Torture tales from the past
US prisoners of war in Iraq risk being beaten, tortured and ...  | Read.. 

Screen Saddam strikes back
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein said in a speech televised t ...  | Read.. 

Same face and voice, suspense on status
The voice, the face, the manner were vintage Saddam Hussein ...  | Read.. 

Stoic British accept losses
The British do not suffer from the American equivalent ...  | Read.. 

Meet on Iraq
Russia is planning to convene an emergency meeting of t ...  | Read..