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Star Spot
Sonali Sehgal

Target: Miss Universe

And nothing else for this lass. But she’s happy winning whatever else comes her way. Starting out on the ramp at just 12 years of age, this student of Class XI at St Thomas’ Girls School, Kidderpore, knows exactly where she is headed.

Teenybopper heaven…

Is what she hit when she went all the way at the Pantene Zee Teen Queen competition, 2002. She was chosen for the event, held in Goa, and was happy to learn all she could from the star line-up that groomed the contestants. If she was thrilled to win the national crown, she (and her mother, her “best friend, guide and inspiration”) was speechless after being chosen first runner-up, Pantene Zee World Teen Queen, against NRI contestants from 14 countries including the UK, USA, Dubai and South Africa.

One step closer…

To being queen of the country and then, the universe, ‘Lalo’ believes this is a sign from above that she can go the distance. But the 17-year-old fashion design enthusiast isn’t sitting pretty in the meantime. When she was 12 years old, she was standing tall at 5’4’’ at her first fashion show at the YWCA. Since then, she has taken part in shows for Manish Arora and Kiran Uttam Ghosh, working under names like Marc Robinson and Prasad Bidapa. May Queen balls and Miss this-and-thats were a part of life. Passed on the knowhow, choreographing fashion shows for her school and colleges.

Catwalk cakewalk…

May be what Sonali has down pat, but that’s not all she is about. She loves to trek and camp, having been in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Scaled the Lava heights and roughed it out at Gangtok. She also learnt Bharatanatyam for six years before taking up modern contemporary and jazz dance at Padatik under “mentor” Soujit Das.

Into the Interact act…

As vice-president of the school club after a stint as secretary and being the face of the public relations office. The girl with a passion for public speaking made herself heard at elocution competitions across the city. She can be frequently seen hanging out at Ashadeep and Ashadeepti, homes at Don Bosco Ashalayam.

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