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A reflection of contemporary times

We are all passing through a strange time. Everything is in a state of flux and this constant change is disturbing and unnerving. Susanta Paral is a young, talented artist whose works reflect contemporary times and his own feelings as he says: “My works are essentially a repertoire of those anxious feelings damned by the invisible borders in our life...” Paral has been influenced by Cubism, but his works are not strictly gemoetrical. “Each shape and form in my canvas is confined by a black border. The black borders are not intentional. They come to me naturally as I later discovered. They are not just a way of painting but they are the boundaries of our existence....” Paral is a sensitive soul and deeply emotional like the dark base colours of his paintings. He confesses, “I live in deep anxiety and that perhaps is reflective of my works. They are like portents of our future as we see them in our present. They are the uncertainties and anguishes of our times. They are my tribute to difficult human existence, the social malaise that shape our being and inspire an artist to paint reality.” An exhibition of his recent paintings, titled Portents, will be inaugurated this evening at 6 by filmmaker Buddhadev Dasgupta.

When: Till March 30; 4 pm - 8 pm

Where: Birla Academy of Art & Culture

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