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The might of precision power
The air campaign unleashed against Iraq yesterday was designed to deliver more bombs and missiles with greater precision than ever before, in the hope of not only disabling Iraqi forces but also compelling a quick surrender. ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad night of thunder
Last night in Baghdad brought thunder, fire and smoke ó and the image of the pyramid-shaped headquarters of the Iraqi intelligence service glowing from the inside as it b ...  | Read.. 
Marines on the long and rough road
US Marines said today they were well placed to strike into the heartlands of Iraq after an arduous cross-desert trek put them astride the main highway to Baghdad. ...  | Read.. 
Jamaliís US visit cancelled
Pakistan, a key ally in the US war on terror but a strong critic of the war on Iraq, has cancelled its Prime Ministerís visit to Washington next week. ...  | Read.. 
An Iraqi man beats a torn poster of President Saddam Hussein with his shoe in Safwan, southern Iraq, on Friday. Safwan, a small border town, was clearly outside Saddamís control on Friday. Kuwaiti television showed Iraqis mingling cautiously with American soldiers, one of whom received a peck on the cheek from a local man. (Reuters)
Iraqis kill their own officers
Oops, sorry
Bush scores
Gas mask alert
In the army, hidden from community
Muslim protesters were once again well represented in anti-war demonstrations which took place ..  | Read.. 
Safwan falls after last-gasp battle
Safwan is an Iraqi town just beyond the northern border in Kuwait. It has been described as a s..  | Read.. 
Turkey kicks up troop dust
Turkey today denied reports it had sent troops into norther ...  | Read..