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Letters to Editor

Drop dead

Sir — On the one hand, the West Bengal government loudly trumpets its initiatives in setting up polio camps, and on the other, patients affected by polio — despite receiving polio drops at government clinics — are not attended to in government hospitals (“Child dies before polio test”, March 17). To make matters worse, everyone, from the hospital authorities to World Health Organization-appointed surveillance officers, shamelessly blames one another. The government is doing nothing great by providing pulse polio drops free of cost to the poor families. This cannot serve as an excuse for inadequate anti-polio treatment or for the irresponsibility of the medical staff. This defeats the whole purpose of providing free polio drops. With recent revelations of people going blind after surgery at free eye-operation camps, and now the polio-death cases, will people ever be able to trust these “free” clinics, whether set up by the government or by charitable organizations'

Yours faithfully,
Jayanti Chanda, Calcutta

A rotten state of things

Sir — It was extremely irresponsible of Anil Biswas to cast aspersions on the character of the raped woman in Cooch Behar (“CPM brushes aside rape charge”, March 9). The woman was courageous enough to go to the local police station with the intention of filing a first information report, accusing nine local CPI(M) activists. Biswas has no business interfering with the judicial probe into the matter. If he is so confident about a conspiracy being hatched against his party by the Trinamool Congress, he should perhaps ask the three accused who are absconding to surrender themselves to the police and prove their innocence. Given the CPI(M)’s attitude, hopes for an improvement in the law and order situation in the state seem to be misplaced.

Yours faithfully,
J.C. Samaddar, Calcutta

Sir — Had it not been for similar atrocities in Chheramari in Cooch Behar, the Dhantola loot-and-rape case would surely have died down by now. In the Cooch Behar incident, Runu Roy was allegedly raped by members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), but when she approached the local police station, the police refused to let her register her complaint. It has recently been revealed that Samiruddin Mian, a member of the CPI(M)’s local committee, is the prime culprit. In spite of several charges of rape and molestation against him, Samiruddin has yet to be arrested.

With the CPI(M) state secretary, Anil Biswas, defending the accused and portraying the victim as morally suspect, it is clear that the accused in such cases are never going to be brought to justice as long as they remain faithful to the ruling party.

Yours faithfully,
Gouranga Debnath, Cooch Behar

Sir — It appears strange that the people of West Bengal worry no end about the Gujarat carnage, but remain remarkably indifferent to incidents in their own state, for instance, the recent robbery and molestation in Dhantola.

Compared to other metropolitan cities, Calcutta has made the least progress in terms of living conditions. This is probably because of the frequent incidents of violence like Dhantola, which throw the administration out of gear every now and then.

Yours faithfully,
Aparna Ganguli, Calcutta

Sir — Three culprits have been arrested so far in connection with the Dhantola rape case. In another incident, three people were arrested for eve-teasing and torturing a housewife. This illustrates an increasing menace.

The West Bengal police is capable of tracing the culprits and punishing them. But they fail to do so because they are puppets in the hands of political leaders. Besides arresting such criminals and severely punishing them, there should be regular attempts to expose corruption in government ranks.

Yours faithfully,
Sudarsan Nandi, Midnapore

Caught in the net

Sir — Crimes in cyberspace have been on the rise over the past few years. (“Dangers of net chats”, Jan 7). One wonders what happened to the government’s proposals for handling cyber-crimes and for preventing personal information and telephone numbers from being leaked on chat modules.

I have been at the receiving end of one such net-crime. My phone number was posted on the net as that of a girl keen on befriending people through phone chat. I thought it was a mistake, till I started receiving a series of calls from anonymous people. On speaking to a few callers, I realized that young men are quite used to calling such numbers to make friends with girls.

Why should innocent citizens be harassed in this manner'

Yours faithfully,
Somnath Chanda, Calcutta

Sir — The rise in cyber-crimes should serve as a warning to parents, working ones in particular, to take care to protect their children from the dangers of the internet chatting. While I do not want to demonize technological advancement and the spread of Western culture, I believe these are happening at a great moral cost.

Yours faithfully,
G.V.C. Rao, Calcutta

Sir — Ignorance about cyber-crime among the keepers of law has resulted in cyber-criminals getting away scot-free in West Bengal. (“Logged out of cyber-crime”, Feb 6). Is it so difficult for the Calcutta Police to start a new wing in its detective department to deal exclusively with this type of crime'

A school student in Calcutta I know became caught in a nexus between a professional hacker in the United States of America and his father and uncle in Calcutta. The man in the US hacked into the boy’s account and started sending abusive and dirty emails from there. The boy lodged a complaint with the detective department, Lalbazar and another with level (3) communications, legal department. Luckily for him, the legal department has traced the hacker, his IP address and his home address.

It is not enough to have special cells to deal with cyber-crimes; the culprits must be caught in time so that they cannot repeat their crimes.

Yours faithfully,
Sukhen Roy, Calcutta


Sir — In the article, “In ordinary circumstances” (March 16), by Amit Chaudhuri, Khunje Naao was mistakenly referred to as a Nandikar production. The play was produced by Rangroop. — The Editor

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