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Free no more: The flow from the tap

No end to torture tales on campus

Apropos the report ‘Flight from cruel campus’ (Metro, February 25), it is distressing to note that college hostels have turned into haunts for ragging of new entrants. The unfortunate episode of Saptarshi is a sharp pointer to this trend. Over the past couple of decades, ragging in our country has assumed alarming proportions and reports of inhuman torture resulting even in death are pouring in from various corners.

Saptarshi’s case is not an isolated one and although a hue and cry was raised on this issue, it will die down with the passage of time.

It is a matter of regret that some of the students in premier educational institutions are indulging in such sadistic activities with the tacit support of their guardians.

The administrators of these institutions cannot shirk their responsibilities in such situations. Are we going back to the barbaric medieval era when people used to torture their fellow human beings for fun' Although ragging has been banned by law, unless there is a will to enforce the penalty, no amount of legislation is enough to put an end to this practice.

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.

Water worries

With the high court giving a free hand to the Calcutta Municipal Corporation to tax users and stop supply of water after three warnings for non-payment has given the Corporation a chance to fill its cash-strapped exchequer (Court hands CMC axe for water tax, Metro, February 20). With water tax turning legal, the civic body will soon be rolling in money. But will the move ensure uninterrupted clean water' The question needs to be answered by the mayor soon.

T.R. Anand,

Budge Budge Trunk Road.

Dog’s life

It is a matter of disgrace that ailing patients are denied anti-rabies treatment at premier institutions like Nilratan Sirkar Hospital, due to shortage of vaccine (Vaccine runs out, dog-bite cases refused, Metro, February 18). We should not blame Hopkins Institute in Mumbai and the Pasteur Institute of India in Tamil Nadu, for stopping supply due to non-payment. This is the result of faulty administration.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Dry road to monsoon

We are happy to know about the clean-up programme at all canals of the city. Let’s hope the excavation will spare us the horrifying experience of waterlogging this monsoon. (Clean-canal drive ahead of monsoon, Metro, February 22)

B.N. Bose,

Dum Dum Park.

Better late...

It is sad to learn that it took 29 years of service to get a teacher her approval of appointment letter (Tutor for 29 years with no pay, Metro, February 21). Now the state education department should clear her dues without making any fuss.

Prahlad Agarwala,



In the Metro report (Stars savour suite success, March 17), the number of rooms at The Park was inadvertently printed as 50, instead of 150. The error is regretted. Hotel spokespersons also wish to clarify that the year-round occupancy is 78 per cent, while that for November 2002 to March 2003 was around 90 per cent.

lIn the article ‘Fatherhood of god, brotherhood of man’ (Metro, March 15), two dates have been erroneously printed. Courage with Humanity was recognised by the Grand Lodge of England in 1828, not 1928. The Grand Lodge of India was formed in 1961, not 1926. Also, it was Swami Vivekananda who was a member of the Masonic order, not Ramakrishna Paramhansa as mentioned. The errors are regretted.


We were shocked to go through the report ‘Death in rape rescue’ (Metro, March 13), which stated that Nandalal Sahani, who was involved in criminal activities, was a security guard of the Indian Statistical Institute. We do not have any guard or any employee by this name. We are surprised as to how such incorrect information could be published without verification. This has tarnished the image of ISI.

Pradip Roy,

Executive Officer (SG),

Public Relations Unit,

Indian Statistical Institute.

lMetro replies: The report, including the identity of the security guard, was written on the basis of a briefing by DIG, headquarters, Narayan Ghosh.

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