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Outlaw US flouting laws: Iraq

Baghdad, March 17 (Reuters): Iraq responded fiercely today to US President George W. Bush’s talks in the Azores, branding it a “summit of outlaws” and accusing the US and its British and Spanish allies of flouting international law.

“The statements that were issued yesterday came from the summit, which I will call the summit of outlaws who deviated from international law,” information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf said in Baghdad. “The officials of these three countries have plunged the world into a string of lies. They are in a hurry to carry out a foolish aggression on Iraq but they will fail.

They do not respect international law and unfortunately they have driven the whole world into a crisis.”

Bush met the British and Spanish Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Jose Maria Aznar, for a brief summit yesterday at which they gave the rest of the UN a final day to come up with a diplomatic approach to disarming Iraqi President Saddam Hussein that would satisfy Washington’s demand he be overthrown.

Sahaf insisted Baghdad was cooperating with UN demands that it account for and destroy all chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and accused Bush of spreading lies against it.

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