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He ain’t no Gopichand…

But that didn’t stop him from exchanging a few badminton shots with Kapil Dev at the age of six after he enrolled at the Power Badminton Academy. If that isn’t enough trivia, just go to the source.

Search high and low…

And a more promising QM you will not find. For this quizmaster was spotted by the country’s reigning telly quiz king, Derek O’Brien, at the recently held QM Khoj. Battled it out through prelims and against six finalists, coming up with questions like “What do fans of X-Files call themselves' X-philes!”. Now the computer engineering student of Institute of Engineering and Management is supposed to conduct a quiz organised by Derek O’Brien and Associates.

Curioser and curioser…

Is how the 22-year-old describes his journey to quizzing success. Though he was a member of X-Quizite while in St Xavier’s (before he shifted to La Martiniere for Plus-II), it wasn’t till he started at IEM that he became a “hardened quizzer”. Is on a winning streak with five wins at Presidency, St Xavier’s, Jadavpur and IIM-C in a month. He and his friends out-answer ’em all at fests and open quizzes alike. Aced the Ad Club 2002 quiz as part of the IEM team, Reservoir Gods. A literary quiz at St Xavier’s College was another memorable scalp. Is now working on strengthening the college open team “Doors of Perception”, which has already made its mark on more than one stage. Is part of open quizzing squad Hammer and Tongs, which came out on top at the Argus Open 2002 and the IIM-C Open 2003.

Power freak…

You may call him, when Debarghya is in charge of the Qs. A good quiz is one where participants can think out answers, as he demonstrated at Jadavpur University and National University of Juridical Sciences, where he has conducted two of his most ‘masterful’ quizzes.

Apple of everyone’s eye…

May sound a tad mushy, but that is exactly what ‘Pomme’ is. That’s the nickname he got from his mom, a French teacher, and it means ‘apple’. He let his French get a bit rusty, but though he stopped learning the Hawaiian guitar, he makes time to strum after a maddening day.

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