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Voices of dissent grow in Bush backyard
Tens of thousands of Americans from more than 100 cities surrounded the White House in a peaceful anti-war protest yesterday, in perhaps their last chance to dissuade the Bush administration from invading Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Wen inherits growth with its pangs
China’s parliament picked Wen Jiabao as Premier today, placing the world’s fastest-growing major economy in the hands of a man who must tackle deep problems like a rotten ban ...  | Read.. 
War games too close to reality
US and South Korean officers hunched over computers at a military base in central Seoul today simulating a war with the “opfor” — code for the opposing forces of reclusive co ...  | Read.. 
American troops try to find solace in religion
Captain Richard Compton, a US army chaplain, hands out bibles emblazoned with the image of a human skull and batwings, and in meetings with officers, encourages them to “Stri ...  | Read.. 
Actor and anti-war activist Martin Sheen addresses a rally in San Francisco against a US-led invasion of Iraq on Saturday. (AFP)
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Royal woes
Crowe to tie the knot
Hollywood star Russell Crowe plans to marry long-time Australian girlfriend Danielle Spencer on his..  | Read.. 
Pope in passionate plea for peace
In a passionate plea for peace, Pope John Paul today said that Iraq’s leaders had a duty to co-oper..  | Read.. 
Saddam hands younger son key role
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who has never named a succe ...  | Read.. 

Iraq parties away war blues
Faced with the ever-growing threat of war, Ali Hadith stock ...  | Read..