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Three decades of Sayak

Sayak, one of the leading theatre groups of the city, will turn 30 this December. Under the stewardship of Meghnad Bhattacharya, it has, over the past 30 years, remained true to the cause of the group theatre movement. This has led to a number of highly-acclaimed Sayak productions. However the group has not just restricted itself to producing plays. Rather, it has always tried to widen its horizon of activities. Sayak has decided to celebrate the occasion (30 years of its existence) through various activities spread over the year. To begin with, it is hosting a full-length drama competition which takes off today. For the occasion, it has selected 10 groups from places as far as Madhya Pradesh. The object is to let the city theatre-goers have a taste of outstanding productions from the districts as well as the other states, and also provide a platform to these groups to stage their productions in this city. The lineup is: Aswacharit (picture above) by Kalyani Natyacharcha Kendra on 12th, Murkir Hnari by Sandarbha on 13th, Dhnorai Charit Manas by Kalyani Kalamandalam on 14th, Shalya Parbo by Barasat Anushilanee Kendra on 15th, Dana by Sanskritik on 16th, Cornel-ke Keu Chithi Lekhe Na by Gobardanga Shilpayan on 17th, Nityapuran by Nairik on 19th, Swaad by Ritwik on 20th, Ushnabhumi by Suhrid on 21st, and Nagar Kotyal by Bengali Association Bhopal on 22nd. Judges for this competition are Samik Bandyopadhyay, Harimadhab Mukhopadhyay and Indrasis Laharry.

When: March 12 - 22; 6.30 pm

Where: Bijon Theatre

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