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US, UK struggle for war decree support
The US and Britain made no public headway today in their drive for a UN resolution setting a March 17 ultimatum to Iraq, while Russia and France remained firmly opposed and poised to use their vetoes. ...  | Read.. 
N. Korea fuels nuclear crisis
North Korea fired a cruise missile into the Sea of Japan today, ratcheting up tensions as it tries to force the US into nuclear negotiations at a time when Washington’s eyes ...  | Read.. 
Khalid leads on Osama
A top aide of Osama bin Laden arrested last week has given information helping investigators close in on the al Qaida leader and told them he met bin Laden in December, Pakis ...  | Read.. 
Naval clash
The Sri Lankan navy sank a Tamil Tiger rebel ship suspected of smuggling weapons today, killing 11 on board after an exchange of fire off the island’s north-east coast that a ...  | Read.. 
Actress Jessica Lange speaks at a press conference organised by the anti-war coalition “Win Without War” in New York on Monday. Lange and actor Steve ...  | Read
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Firm arms
Caine’s bloody doors cry wins one-liner contest
An outraged comment from Michael Caine in The Italian Job has been voted the greatest one-liner in ..  | Read.. 
LTTE’s ‘Armed Virgins’ ponder a life back in society
Why do LTTE female activists insist on wearing their uniform-style shirt-and-trouser dress made..  | Read.. 
Li Peng takes his final bow
Li Peng, the Communist Party hardliner best known for annou ...  | Read.. 

Parties shun talks in Nepal
Several major political parties in Nepal boycotted an all-p ...  | Read..