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Letters to Editor

That’s not fair

Sir — The International Women’s Day is on the verge of becoming just another day on the calendar, and stopping the airing of commercials for fairness creams is not going to make it successful, or more important, meaningful (“Ads cleansed in all fairness”, March 8). While Hindustan Lever has decided to pull out its advertisements for fairness creams, another company, ironically the premier sponsor of women’s day celebrations across India, continues to sell its own brand of fairness creams. So what if the latter does not advertise its product as much as Lever. Does it get any more hypocritical than this'

Yours faithfully,
Madhusree Mitra, Calcutta

Sticky wicket

Sir — I find it outrageous that some people, mostly of the sangh parivar affiliation, are accusing the Muslim community of not rejoicing at India’s victory over Pakistan in the World Cup. For one, the celebrations after the match were a little too much considering it was only a preliminary round victory. For another, what could be wrong if someone does not celebrate, meaning dance around on the streets' I did not celebrate in that fashion although I am a Hindu (I am not sure whether I should be proud of my religious identity any more). There is also no doubt that most young Muslims sang and danced as raucously as their Hindu brothers, if for nothing else, than for their pride in Zaheer Khan and Mohammed Kaif.

Yours faithfully,
Kalyan Ghosh, Calcutta

Sir — Whatever Sreyashi Dastidar may think, Indians get more emotional about a win against Pakistan not because Pakistanis are Muslims, but because at some point in history, they were Indians too (“A match that lights”, March 5). The infrastructure, ground and weather conditions in the two countries are very similar. So, when we beat them, we beat not just a rival, but someone who is almost a twin.

A win against Pakistan also means a victory against one of the toughest bowling attacks in the world. The Hindu-Muslim rivalry plays only a minor part in this. Converting an entire generation into a communal one would be irresponsible.

Yours faithfully,
Roopa Srivastava, Jamshedpur

Sir — Why should there be clashes among Indians over India’s victory over Pakistan' On March 1, 2003, Indians around the world were jubilant, because they had defeated their traditional rivals.

But the report, “Blood spill after bloodless war” (March 3), made the victory taste sour.

The allegations that the sangh parivar elements instigate this kind of violence have some truth to them. But one should not forget that the report also mentions that “miscreants hurled stones at a procession celebrating India’s win.” There are serious questions about the patriotism of a few Indians.

Yours faithfully,
Jang Bahadur Singh, Jamshedpur

Sir — Where is cricket leading India' Or should it be the other way round' People close offices and declare a holiday on working days, while ministers and bureaucrats prioritize cricket over their social commitments. There are riots and firing in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Hatred is being propagated not only against Pakistan, but also against Indian Muslims, knowing full well that the Indian team has players like Mohammed Kaif and Zaheer Khan, who are Muslims.

The media is not helping matters by spending most of their newsprint on cricket coverage, even at the cost of the Union budget. Many of the headlines seen during this World Cup are clearly provocative.

Yours faithfully,
Atma Saraogi, Calcutta

Some restraint, please

Sir — I happened to witness along with a few friends, the mayor, Subrata Mukherjee, in action against the officials of a construction agency near the Beckbagan crossing at around 10 pm on March 2. Not only was he profusely hurling abuses at the group, but he even got involved in a scuffle with a few of the men. We also saw him throwing a piece of brick at a senior member of the group. Do such actions befit the first citizen of Calcutta'

Yours faithfully,
Vipin Mahla, Calcutta

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