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Rear-end rush

Washington, March 8 (PTI): Not all could manage the famous posterior of Kylie Minogue, but there is no harm trying with a buttocks implant, the latest craze among American women according to US media reports.

Vying with the silicone breast implants is the new lifestyle craze “buttock augmentation” that costs several thousand dollars, all with a promise of a good rear view.

It is a richer cousin of buttock lift, the “opposite” of face lift, which has been around for some time. An entire website has hit cyberworld to promote its benefits —

Frog fervour

Berlin (Reuters): Cash-strapped Berlin is spending 430,000 euros ($474,200) to build a network of walls and tunnels to protect frogs crossing a busy road. The scheme has angered Berlin taxpayers because it coincides with closures of swimming pools, kindergartens and other public services as the city cuts costs. Despite its debt of 46 billion euros at end-2002, Berlin is building 15 tunnels to give frogs safe passage on their way to a nearby lake.

Lucky art

London: A painting which was bought for £1 in a house clearance sale and spent the next 40 years hanging over a kitchen sink fetched £75,250 at Christie’s in London Thursday, reports The Daily Telegraph. The owner, a widow in her sixties living in Co Wicklow, had no idea that the painting she looked at while doing the washing-up was by Francis Campbell. It was only when her daughter saw another painting by Cadell on Christie’s website that an expert from the auction house was called in and confirmed that it was Cadell’s The Red Chair.

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