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Connery counters tax exile charge

London, March 6 (Reuters): Sir Sean Connery hit back at claims his tax exile status in the Bahamas undermined his staunch support for Scottish independence.

Hollywood’s original 007 said he had paid millions of pounds in UK tax while living abroad.

Connery, 72, revealed his tax records to The Herald, Glasgow, to forestall criticism ahead of May elections when he is expected to be an active supporter of the independence-minded Scottish Nationalist Party.

He told the paper in an interview published on Thursday that he had paid £3.7 million in British tax since 1997.

“I’m an easy target because of my political opinions but I defy anyone in Scotland to find one detail where I knowingly ever did anything that was to the detriment of Scotland,” Connery said.

“It gets up my nose.”

He said he also paid more than £2.8 million in UK taxes on three big films before 1997.

“I pay full tax wherever I am working,” Connery said. “Since I’ve gone out of my way to bring film projects to the UK, instead of Hollywood, that’s meant I’ve paid full tax here.”

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