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‘Special measures will be taken for the mathematics exam’
D. Hota, Madhyamik Board president

Young & hectic, risk heart
A week after a minor heart attack, 41-year-old Avinash Sharma, an investment banker, resumed his hectic schedule. Another week later, he resumed smoking and started attending late-night parties. Two weeks ago, he was back in hospital with an acute he...  | Read.. 
Seascapes splashed in colours of rising sun
Nature’s beauty from dawn to dusk, cityscapes and sealife, people and places in distant corners of the world. These sailors h...  | Read.. 
Fast, march in lawyers’ war cry for fee rollback
The state Bar Council has threatened its “second and final round of agitation” against the government for “its failure to kee...  | Read.. 
Ansari ‘cell’ dates back to the Pujas
This is not the first time Aftab Ansari has managed to smuggle a cellphone into the high-security Presidency jail to network ...  | Read.. 
After the assault, a breather for Brigade
Green grass and shady trees, to soothe the eyes and the soul, and for a breath of fresh air. Brigade Parade Grounds once prov ...  | Read.. 
The pavement in front of the Corporation building is his home, but the pitches of South Africa are where his heart lies. For Ramzan Hussain, cricket i ...  | Read
Hello, it's Friday, March 07, 2003
Roads to avoid
Biz talk
Vasundhara, when Nature beckons
All nature is but art, unknown to thee,/ All ch...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Anupam Kher and Ivan Lendl. You are often impatient and over-imaginative. Artistic talent cou ...Read.. 
Guest Column
Outram Street used to be an upper class enclave. Now traffic and business threaten to shatter the pe...  | Read.. 
Surprise checks at centres
Complaints from guardians about a section of Madhyamik students using unfai...  | Read.. 

Pay more or miss, the option for TV viewers
Will Calcutta cable homes have to sacrifice some of their favourite fare on...  | Read.. 

Software dupe duo held in Mysore
Sleuths of Calcutta Police’s detective department arrested K.G. Bhatt and...  | Read.. 

Traffic lights, ouster drive for safe Bypass
The government on Thursday announced measures, including evictions, to curb...  | Read.. 

Tax holiday takes halls on tech highway
The world is going digital, to cut costs and improve quality. The film indu...  | Read.. 

Sarobar entry fee put on hold
Stung by public criticism, the Calcutta Improvement Trust (CIT) has tempora...  | Read.. 

Swelling ranks of auto-cracy
With the police and the public vehicles department (PVD) bickering over who...  | Read.. 

Chamber push for enterprise
To help first-generation entrepreneurs turn their start-ups into success st...  | Read.. 

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Traffic guard run over by state bus
Car hijacked at gunpoint
Court rap for CMC
Truck collision
Taxi strike threat
Driver hurt
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No flying colours for this airport
Hole story