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yesterday no more: Job Charnock lands at Bagbazar Ghat
during the city’s tercentenary celebrations

Hi-tech hopes down the drain

Apropos the report ‘Probe into sewer death’ (Metro, February 3), it is distressing to note that Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) is still employing the age-old, hackneyed idea of cleaning the sewer lines by dropping a man into a manhole, by a rope tied around his waist and some people on the surface holding on to the same so that the labourer does not fall into the drain. It is really a surprise that in the present age of advancement in science and technology, labourers are working with life and death in the balance. As there is an enormous risk in getting the drains cleaned by human beings, the CMC should employ mechanical devices to clean these manholes. It is really sad that the attitude of the Corporation has not changed to suit the present-day requirements. It is high time that the civic authorities modernise cleaning procedures of the manholes, otherwise it may drag Subrata Mukherjee and his men into avoidable future hazards.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

No case for a birthday

Apropos the report ‘City loses birthday, founder’ (Metro, February 1), it is quite a thought that the city has suddenly ceased to have a birthday, courtesy a high court panel’s decision that Job Charnock cannot be called the sole founder of Calcutta. So, no celebrating August 24 every year, which had become a permanent fixture on our social calendar.

Prahlad Agarwala,

Majdia, Nadia.

Heritage on wheels

The concept of running a tea salon on wheels in collaboration with Tata Tea is excellent (Sip and snack in tram on track, Metro, January 31). We are aware that both the CTC and the CSTC are incurring losses. It will be a double bonanza for the city if profits and heritage promotion can happen together. It will also throw a lifeline to the tram service.

Naren Sen,

Santragachhi, Howrah.

Look before you speak

Apropos the report ‘In lean times, CMDA sits in lap of luxury’, (Metro, February 6), the chief minister’s directive on a contingency drive seems to have fallen on deaf ears. At the recent Bidhannagar Mela his predecessor Jyoti Basu expressed his disapproval of the number of stalls put up by the government organisations. But Basu himself leads a luxurious life at the cost of the government exchequer when teachers are starving without salary or pension. Alas! The mandarins unabashedly preach and hapless millions have to fill their empty bellies with sham proletariat rantings. They forget the truth — whoever spits against the wind spits in his own face.

Govinda Bakshi,

Budge Budge.

Work before play

Delhi Public School is coming to town to with promises of emphasising on extra-curricular activities as well (Study, sport and the DPS seat, Metro, February 4). However, the basic objective of any school is education. Participation in too many other activities may have an adverse effect on academic performances of students.

Ranu Mukherjee,


Long-distance aid

Apropos the report ‘Virtual doctor breaks fresh frontiers’ (Metro, February 4), it is heartening to note that a person in the farthest corner of the country can avail of the benefits of telemedicine from accomplished city doctors. This will benefit patients, especially from rural areas.

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.


The effort of local residents of erecting a traffic signal in a bid to curb accidents is commendable and should not be given a political colour (Seeing red at traffic light, Metro, February 8).

Diptimoy Ghosh,

Salt Lake City.


The report entitled ‘Finance scam’, in City diary, Metro, on February 21, mentions that Prasenjit Daw, deputy manager of UTI, was arrested on charges of misappropriation of funds. He is not an employee of UTI Mutual Fund and is in no way associated with UTI Mutual Fund.

Prem Kumar Nayar,

Assistant general manager,

Corporate communication cell,

UTI Mutual Fund.

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