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Murder bid accused butchered, cops hunt for cousins

A 40-year-old accused of an attempt to murder was found killed near Charu Market early on Wednesday. He had been slashed with a bhojali. Preliminary investigations revealed the man had a rivalry with his cousins. Police feel that could have been the motive for his killing.

“The needle of suspicion points to the cousins. We have raided a number of hideouts to track them down. No one else has been arrested or detained,” said Soumen Mitra, deputy commissioner (detective department).

The killing took place in front of the CMDA housing complex, in the Lake Gardens area. Chottu Sil, the victim, had been freed on bail a few days ago. He was making efforts to re-enter the housing complex for the past few days and resume his country liquor business.

“Sil, who plied a country liquor trade, had easy access to the housing complex, where his cousins lived before his arrest. He pushed his aunt, Bibharani Sil, during a quarrel last October. Police arrested him on the basis of the complaint lodged by his cousins,” said deputy commissioner Mitra. “Out on bail, he was trying to enter the housing estate,” said an officer of Charu Market police station.

According to the police, Sil developed a rivalry with his cousins — Hiru, Ratan, Gopal and Manik — since the incident and his arrest last year. “Hiru, also a country-liquor dealer, and Ratan started ruling the turf while Sil was in jail,” said the thana officer.

Sil made three attempts to regain the housing complex, but was thwarted each time by Hiru and Ratan. “The last bid, late on Tuesday, was foiled by his cousins, who were tipped off that Sil was making inroads into the turf,” said an official investigating the murder.

On examining the wounds, the police were convinced that the attack was deliberate. “Sil was first stabbed from behind. As he slumped to the ground, the assailants stabbed him in the chest and abdomen,” said the investigating officer.

People stumbled upon his body on Wednesday morning and called in the police. Doctors said Sil had died long before the police arrived. A hunt is on for Hiru and his brothers. “All the neighbouring police stations have been alerted. Hideouts are being raided,” said an official of Charu Market police station.

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