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Tortured for eloping on V-Day

Patna, March 4: On Valentine’s Day, Akbar Mian had played the eternal romantic. He had eloped with the girl he loved in the hope of beginning a life together.

A week later, he was in a hospital bed — covered with marks of the medieval brutality unleashed on him by the girl’s angry family. The 21-year-old’s nails had been pulled out and parts of his skin scraped off in Hasanpur Usti village in Hajipur to punish him for the “misadventure”.

He is still undergoing treatment at a nursing home in Hajipur. The incident has sparked an outrage against police for their silence. Akbar’s parents have decided to move the human rights commission.

Sources in the village said Akbar and the girl were found missing on February 14. Her family was infuriated. Not only was falling in love taboo, Akbar hailed from a lower Darji caste while they were Sheikhs, supposed to be notches higher.

A week later, an unsuspecting Akbar returned to be confronted by her seething relatives. He was abducted by the girl’s parents, tied to a tree and battered. They sprinkled salt on his wounds till he fell unconscious.

Akbar later confessed that he had eloped with the girl and that she was staying with his relatives in Patna. Her parents wasted no time in bringing her back.

Asked why the Mahua police station, under which the village falls, did not take any action, the officer-in-charge said his parents had not filed a complaint.

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