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‘One of them was standing so close to me that I panicked and decided to confront him’
Victim of eve-teasers

Cigarette scorch for tease protest
A woman was “punished” — by having a burning cigarette stubbed out on her arm — on Tuesday afternoon, for her “audacity” to protest being teased by two youths. That too, on a busy street in Oxytown, on the southern fringes of the city. This sparked...  | Read.. 
French pen dipped in India ink
Winter of 1979. A Frenchman landed in Bombay, fresh from his PhD under Roland Barthes. As he made his way through the streets...  | Read.. 
Universal themes rooted in India
He bagged Britain’s highest honour for a film-maker just 10 days ago. Asif Kapadia, the newest name on an ever-growing list o...  | Read.. 
40-hour fight plugs breach in water mains
After a tough, 40-hour-long fight with the obstinate breaches in the five-ft-diameter water mains at Beckbagan, civic enginee...  | Read.. 
Gold and silver, wait forever
Doctor moves high court to get medals he won 26 years ago

For Prasanta Sukul, of Nilratan Sirkar (NRS) Medical College’s class of 1976, it was a brassy barb from his son that set him ...  | Read.. 
When she would watch her famous father Bikash Bhattacharjee paint, she had no idea she would ever follow in his footsteps. Nonetheless, she has taken ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Roads to avoid
Massacre Game
“Ionesco’s Massacre Game (1970) seemed the...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Alyque Padamsee, adman. You need motivation to perform well. June is the best time for invest ...Read.. 
We ask you Answer
  Tourism bells for tramcars
Health focus on woman’s world
The bad news first. One woman out of every five women experiences clinical ...  | Read.. 

Piped water for eastern pocket after 15 years
The missing link, measuring 350 metres, in the civic water supply pipeline,...  | Read.. 

Campus quest for the natural cure
The use of aromatherapy to treat common ailments and alleviate pain, physic...  | Read.. 

Fake passport-holder turns violent in jail
A middle-aged Afghan, Afridi Khan, jailed for travelling with forged docume...  | Read.. 

Job-based courses at girls’ colleges
In a bid to encourage girl students to opt for professional courses over co...  | Read.. 

Suicide sparks rampage
a court verdict in a property dispute had gone in favour of his opponents....  | Read.. 

Shalimar trip on terminal track
Howrah, Sealdah, Chitpur and then Shalimar....  | Read.. 

Brain pacemaker in Parkinson’s cure
Over the years, 42-year-old Sevantilal Sharma, a corporate executive from D...  | Read.. 

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